Wrath of the Overseer
BoH Wikia - Zombified Overseer
Aliases: Overseer/OS
Location: The Cursed Quarry
Required Might: 650
Amount of Phases: 3
Amount of Waves: 386
Gold Time: 01:00
Silver Time: 03:00
Bronze Time: 04:30
Guild Experience: 2700
Valor per 1000 RPP: 43
Hero Tokens per 1000 RPP: 10

The long-dead overseer of the Cursed Quarry has risen from his grave, resurrecting an army of slaves to do his bidding. Slay this fiend's army before it can threaten Glenfort!

Phase 1: The Swarm of Beasts Edit

A horrifying menagerie of beasts and undead swarm your Guild as you approach the quarry! Slay them!

Phase 2: The Spirit Army

Justicars beware! These undead foes are resistant to Spirit magic, but weak against Nature magic! Defeat the army before you are overwhelmed!

Phase 3: Cracking the Whip

The Zombified Overseer will not relinquish his power without a fight! Slay the fiend before he resurrects is army once more!