You wish to help? Very well, then - one of the items those peasants stole from me was a moonsplint battle standard from my homeland. I tracked them to a clearing in the Ebian Forest, but the trail went cold with their corpses. I imagine they were ambushed by the creatures in that forest, as moonsplint is a very valuable type of wood from my homeland. Should you wish to help, I will be in the forest entrance hunting down the thieves.


Find 10 pieces of the Valdenian Standard in the Ebian Clearing: 0/10


XP: 240

Silver: 500

Felstalker Sabatons

Upon completionEdit

Your generosity is.. surprising. I appericiate the help - those Rath'een are dangerous beasts, and you handled yourself quite well. For a human, that is. I must find proper shelter for now, but I imagine we shall meet again. In the interim, I would appreciate it if you kept my presence in these lands to yourself. I cannot say why, just believe me when I say that lives depend on it. Farewell for now, my friend.

Leads toEdit

Nothing, at level 5