We cannot wait a moment longer, <NAME>. The Rath'een will continue their attacks unless we can cripple their path into the village, and the only way we'll do that is by destroying their tunnels once and for all. I will take my warriors outside the village and create a diversion - it should give you just enough time to get into the tunnels, set the explosive, and escape. Be careful, <NAME>, and good luck!


Defeat the Rath'een guarding the deep tunnels: 0/1


XP: 210

Gold shields: 5

Silver: 600

Upon completionEdit

Those Rath'een won't be coming back into Glenfort anytime soon! Excellent work, <NAME>! Before you training continues, your old mentor at the Inn asked me to send you over. Don't be fooled by her inkeeper persona - she is actually an experienced Justicar of the highest ordfer. You would be wise to listen to her words.

Leads toEdit

Feats of Heroism