The Training Hall can be found in the Southwest corner of Glenfort Village.  Aside from quests involving Daedalus, the Training Hall is used to:

  • Train Abilities
  • Reset Abilities (1 Respec Token)
  • Hero Training

Train AbilitiesEdit

This is where you are able to "specialize" the skills your character has.  Each class has a different set of Abilities they can train.  There are currently four separate tiers of abilities for each class.  Before unlocking the next tier, you must spend 5 ability points on abilities in your current tier.  This means that if you spend the minimum number of ability points in each tier, you can start skilling Tier 2 abilities at level 6, Tier 3 abilities at level 11 and Tier 4 abilities at level 16.

You are able to put a maximum of 3 points in each ability.  For each point you put into an ability, the ability become "stonger" or "more effective".

Class Specific Abilities will be added soon!

Reset AbilitiesEdit

This option allows you to clear out all points spent on abilities and re-allocate your ability points.  This will cost you 1 Respec Token each time you use this option.  Respec Tokens can be purchased from Majerio's Shop for 5 Gold Shields (located under the Special Items section).

Hero TrainingEdit

You can further customize your characters by increasing certain stats in the Hero Training menu.  Depending on your Class and how you want to play your character, you may want to focus on a few abilities rather than a "rounded out" approach.  Each stat increase will cost you Hero Tokens.  The price to train in a specific stat will increase by 5 Hero Tokens each time you train that skill and will raise the bonus amount by 8 points.