Quest given from "Wanderer's Way" on world mapEdit


Ah, a good samaritan. A rarity in these parts. Not many here would even think to help a Valdenian. A group of bandits confronted me not moments ago and demanded my valuables. Normally I'd have no problem slaying the lot, but your leader has taxed these people beyond their means. I refused to lift my sword against starving peasants, and so they took everything I had. I am a stranger in these lands, but perhaps they would be more accommodating to you? They've made camp to the southeast.


Defeat the gang leader: 0/1


XP: 192

Silver: 400

Upon completionEdit

It appears the bandits already passed off my valuables. Regardless, your help is appreciated. I am Kray - and you're acting like you've never seen a Valdenian before... though I suppose that's preferable to the hatred we face in northern cities like Stonehelm. Either way, thank you for the help, my friend.

Leads toEdit

Valdenian Standard