Quest giverEdit

Alador in Glenfort Village


These stones are beyond my skill to analyze, so ewe must travel to visit a friend of mine. The mage scolar, Eddas, lives in the coastal village of Dragonmoor a few days' south of Glenfort. Unfortunately it is a dangerous path and I cannot travel it until the way is cleared of bandits. Take my horse and ride the path south - I am certain those bandits will mistake you for me. Slay the lot of them, then come back here.


Clear the southern path to Dragonmoor: 0/1


XP: 3390

Silver: 2250

Upon completionEdit

Very good, <NAME> - those bandits won't be bothering anyone anymore. Scolars like me are targeted regulary, as we lack the skills to defend ourselves and tend to carry valuable artifacts. Now, though, I believe the path is clear enough for us to travel all the way to Dragonmoor.

Leads toEdit

Settling In