Reach level 17 (???)


Last night, some pirates broke in here and roughed up the inn. Before I knew it, they'd made off with my prized lucky blade collection. They're not just lucky, <NAME> - they're actually imbued with pure luck. Do me a favor and track those scum down while I clean this place up.


Find the Lucky Sword: 0/1

Find the Lucky Dagger: 0/1

Find the Lucky Dirk: 0/1


XP: 6660

Silver: 2700

Upon completionEdit

Thank you for retrieving the three blades, <NAME>. But those pirates are going to pay! They disenchanted one of my blades! They must be after the secret to their Luck Enchantment. We'll need to figure out a way to repair it before I can return it to its collection.

Leads toEdit

Unlucky Pirates