You see, since the day you walked in here as a child, our head trainer, Daedalus, believed that you possessed the innate skills neccessary to one day defend our village from evil. Now the time has come for you to go to the Training Hall and choose your path. Daedalus will be able to help you from there. Good luck, <NAME>, and do remember to stop back here once in a while!


Enter the Training Hall and choose your class: 0/1


Hero shields: 5

Silver: 50

5 x Small Healing Potion

3 x Cleansing Potion

Upon choosing a classEdit

Weeks pass. From surise to sunset, Daedalus taught <NAME> the ancient ways of the <CLASS> and prepared our hero for their journeys throughout the realm.

Yet before the training could be completed, rumors began to sweep across the land. The rat creatures were attacking farmers outside of the village, burning crops and laying waste wherever they went. It seemed that <NAME>'s skills would be put to the test sooner than any anticipated.

Upon completionEdit

Your Justicar training has progressed very well, <NAME>. As Colette told you the day you left your home, I have seen great potential in you. I believe that with this training, you will be able to help protect this village from the evils that approach it. Our enemies encircle us from all sides, and I fear danger is not far off.

Leads toEdit

The Gear Makes the Hero