If we want to get into that keep, we'll need a new way in. I know there's a hidden door somewhere in the mountains, but I've no idea where it could possibly be. Talk to the leader of this village on the Pier, see if you can find us an appropriate guide.

Description on finishEdit

Rowan? I'm unfamiliar with the name, but it sounds like you two have a history. A bandit, you say? Well, this could all be a clever ruse in that case. We must be careful, but cannot risk losing this one opportunity to find that door. For now we will trust him - just make sure you don't let your guard down around him.


Ask about local guides at the Village Pier: 0/1

Save the guide from his predicament: 0/1


XP: 2840

Silver: 1600

Leads toEdit

Expanding the Ranks