Quest giver: Archery Range in Glenfort VillageEdit


Level 18


I don't know if you've looked out west recently, but we've got a serious problem. We're not sure how, but a massive hole has opened up just south of the Ebian Forest and icy creatures of all sorts are pouring out! Some of our scouts went to investigate, but they haven't reported back yet. I'm going to the Icy Wastes to find out what happened to them, and if you joined me I'd really appreciate the help.


Collect 8 Scouting Packs in the Icy Wastes within the Frozen Vale: 0/8


XP: 7326

Silver: 2700

Vengeance Boots


Scouting Packs only drop from Frost Assassins.

Upon completionEdit

Those creatures are unlike anything I've ever seen! The reports in these scouting packs all metion some kind of dragon emerging from that crevasse. I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but ice dragons are bad news. We'll need to learn more before we can act on this intelligence, unfortunately.

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