With this final task, I will be a full-fledged "Junior Associate Squire" to a real Dragon Knight! My dream-come-true, almost! There's an ancient helment that once belonged to the founder of the Dragon Knights locked in the Frozen Vale, in a place called the Tomb of Vallus. If you can get all the pieces for me, I'll be admitted into the Dragon Knights! How can you say no!?


Collect 6 Dragon Helm fragments from the Tomb of Vallus in the Frozen Vale: 0/6


XP: 9141

Silver: 2850

Upon completionEdit

You've done it! Of course, the Dragon Knights already figured it was you doing all the heroic deeds and not me, but I suppose they were impressed by my persistence! You've been awareded an honorary title as well, so celebrations all around! Now I'm the first dwarf to serve in their order, so Brimstone and I had better get ready! Thanks again, <NAME> - we Dragon Knights owe you a debt of thanks!

Leads toEdit

Nothing, at level 20