When you destroyed Lord Helion, the Rath'een were freed from his influence. Unfortunately, it seems another dark presence is now manipulating their actions, and I believe it is none other than the ancient Ice Lord Vallus, who turned this valley into a frozen wasteland 2,000 years ago. If this is his doing, then his minions will be wearing armor from that period. Go to the Glacial Drift, find me that armor, and bring it back here.


Collect 5 Ancient Armor Pieces from the Glacial Drift within the Frozen Vale: 0/5


XP: 9141

Silver: 2850

Conjured Ring

Upon completionEdit

I was afraid of this, <NAME>. This armor is Valdenian in origin, even if the assassins wearing it were not. Vallus was himself a Valdenian, and his oppressive reign in this valley has led to his race's persecution to this very day. His final act, according to legend, was to transcend death by becoming an ice dragon. Now it seems he plagues our valley once more.

Leads toEdit

Sentinels of the Deep