If we're going to stop Alador, we'll need to do it together. We also need to worry about Eddas - that elf is a powerful mage, and we're still not sure if he's on our side or Alador's. Either way, we can't let him activate the stones - if he does, Alador will gain the full extent of Lord Helion's power and all will be lost for certain!


Stop Alador from activating the stones: 0/1


XP: 5310

Silver: 2550


Explore Edda's Keep in order to stop Alador

Upon cleaning out 9/10 waves in Edda's KeepEdit

In the middle of a massive alchemical laboratory, Alador and Eddas were locked in a ferocious battle! "Nobody can hide from me for long!" Aladcor laughed. "Once I've defeated you, I will force you to unlock the power in these stones."

Before Eddas could retaliate, a massive, fire-breathing dragon blasted into existence. Alador's voice boomed: "Even possessing the stones for but a few days, I am capable of such power! Once I have unlocked their full potential, I will become a GOD!"

Upon killing the Guardian DragonEdit

Eddas approached <NAME> and Rowan cautiously. "You are not with Alador?" <NAME> explained that the elven mage had decieved them all, but Rowan had revealed the truth just in time. Eddas is despondent. "It doesn't matter. Alador escaped while you were occupied with that dragon."

Rowan then produced the bag of Helion stones, stolen during the battle. "Perhaps. But as long as we hpossess these cursed artifacts, he is powerless. The Arcane Circle will be back for them... but for now, Eddas can work to contain the evil within."

Description on finishEdit

So, Eddas was merely an innocent victim in all this. We can only hope that he's able to properly contain those blasted stones, otherwise it's only a matter of time before another Stonehelm mage comes down here looking for them. Anyway, my work here in Dragonmoor is done for now, but I'll remain here for a time. If I require the assistance of a real hero, I'll be sure to let you know!