Quest giver: Draconic DeliveryEdit


I've got an idea that will guarantee my entry into the Dragon Knights! You need to go into the Nithus region, explore as many areas as you can, and slay this list of creatures. Don't worry, you'll be rewarded handsomely for helping me become a Dragon Knight. Think of the benefits you'd get by being my sidekick!

Description on finishEdit

Oh wow, you survived! Well, of course you did! I had no doubt you'd check off everything on that list. Wow, did you actually cross them off while you slaying them? That's very methodical of you! Either way, the Dragon Knights will HAVE to look at my application now!


Slay 4 Demonic Rath'een within Lake Nithus: 0/4
Slay 3 Shades within Lake Nithus: 0/3
Slay 3 Bog Wraiths within Lake Nithus: 0/3
Slay 3 Gatekeepers within Lake Nithus: 0/3
Slay 2 Dredged Corpses within Lake Nithus: 0/2


XP: 5841

Silver: 2550

Leads toEdit

Good Form