Quest giverEdit

Colette in Mighty Duck Inn in Glenfort Village


<NAME>, this is bad. Those enchanted lock-picks you found are showing up all over the valley now. From Urgresh to the Ebian, caravans are being robbed without a trace, guard posts are being emptied of supplies - it's a mess. You need to eliminate the source - those Goblin Soothsayers! Their magic is enchanting these picks, so you need to clear them out before this gets any worse.


Slay 9 Goblin Soothsayers in the Urgresh Borderlands: 0/9


XP: 5841

Silver: 2550

Upon completionEdit

You got nine of them, then? Alright, that should be enough to slow things down a bit. I don't imagine this will be the last we've seen of these enchanted thieving tools, but for now things should hopefully return to normal.

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