I guess I should come clean with you - I used to be a Shadow Walker in Daedalus' Training Hall way back in the day, but I wan't too keen on all the rules. Now I'm helping to keep the bandits in check around Glenfort, and I'm also working with Ember on this Alador situation. Long story short, he's a member of the Stonehelm Arcane Circle, and he's trying to use Helion's dark power to increase his own magical skills. Follow me to the door - I only hope we aren't too late.

Accepting this quest will make an enemy of Alador.


Travel to the ancient door with Rowan: 0/1


XP: 3540

Silver: 1700

Upon entering the Ancient CaveEdit

As <NAME> and Rowan traveled to the ancient door, Rowan explained his true purpose in Dragonmoor. Alador, he said, was a rogue element within the Stonehelm Arcane Circle - a powerful group of mages that were possibly involved in Lord Helion's rise in Glenfort.

Before Rowan could explain further, an army of beasts materialized in their path, with Alador standing behind them. "Give me the Helion stones," he said in a cold voice. "If you do, I may just let you live."

Upon beating the 5 waves of monstersEdit

As <NAME> defeated the last of the creatures, the <CLASS> noticed Alador holding a dagger to Rowan's neck. "I will not ask again," he said. "The stones. Now." With Rowan's life in the balance, <NAME> threw the small bag of magical stones over to the elven mage, who quickly picked them up and disappeared in a flash of white.

In his rush to steal the stones, however, Alador seemed to forget a crucial detail: the door leading into the keep had been left wide open.

Description on finishEdit

Alador's got his hands on the stones, but we can't let that stop us. He's left the door to the keep wide open, so we're going to follow him.

Leads toEdit

The Cursed Stones of Helion