I can't believe this, <NAME>! First we get thieves in the larders stealing our food, and now they've made off with my silver flask! If there's one thing I won't abide by, it's thievery in my inn. Take this frying pan, go down into the cellars, and put a stop to them!


Take the frying pan: 0/1

Find Colette's flask: 0/1


Silver: 80

After clearing XXX CellarEdit

Following the battle against the rat creature, our hero emerged victorious from the tunnels. Deep down, however, <NAME> knew that this victory was likely to be short-lived.

What were these creatures? Were there more of them? What did they want? Would they attack the village again? The answers would come sooner than any in Glenfort would have liked...

Upon completionEdit

Excellent job, <NAME>! You managed to procure my silver flask and drive those rat creatures back to the depths. You have been a chef in my inn for all your life, but I believe the time has finally come for you to hang up your frying pan. We've had bigger plans for you these long years, and now it's time for you to face your destiny.

Leads toEdit

The Hero's Path