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Thank you for hearing me out, <NAME>. Glenfort is dreadfully short on kindhearted <CLASS> as of late. Some goblins have stolen a shipment of materials we require to concoct our elixirs. They were last spotted making camp along the river outside of town. Do you think you can help?


Collect 3 crystal shards along the Glenfort River: 0/3

Collect 1 raw diamond along the Glenfort River: 0/1


XP: 120

Silver: 300

Zones Edit

Glenfort River

Upon completionEdit

You have helped the Temple, and we do not allow a good deed to go unrewarded. If we require your services once more, we hope you are able to assist.

Leads toEdit

Nothing (?) maybe opens up new quest at higher level than Level 4