Quest giverEdit

Majerio in Glenfort Village


Crafting is a noble process reserved for only the most powerful of mages and their most promising students. And now, it appears, you as well! Now that you have the neccessary ingredients, you'll need to concoct the mixture in my Workshop. Come back when you have completed the potions.


Craft 3 Potions of Minor Critical Strike: 0/3 Craft 3 Potions of Minor Dodge: 0/3


XP: 2840

Silver: 1600

Recipe - Potion: Minor Melee Resistance

Upon completionEdit

It appears you have crafted those potions, and emerged unscathed. I am surprised, I must admit. Perhaps there is more to you than I thought. As thanks, you may use on of the Workbenches in my Workshop any time you wish. You can keep those potions as well - the order was cancelled!

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