Reach level 17 Complete Subterfuge quest line 1, 2, and 3

Quest giverEdit

Kray's Shack in Glenfort Village


It has taken me quite a while, <NAME>, but I believe I have finally uncovered the Hunter's hiding spot. He's in a small forest far to the south, cut off from the rest of the world. The place is crawling with beasts of all sorts, no doubt summoned by the Hunter for protection. I'm afraid I must ask for your assistance once more - if we can defeat the Hunter and claim his bow, my task will finally be complete.


Travel to Hunter's Folly and defeat The Hunter: 0/1


XP: 5841

Silver: 2550

Upon completionEdit

It is done. You, my friend, are truly among the greatest of heroes this world has ever seen. You have proven to me that a hero's work is far more important than pretty selfish desires. Because of this, I plan to travel north to Stonehelm, to help my people fight the oppression they face. Perhaps we will see each other again, <NAME>. I do hope that is the case. Good luck to you!

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