Quest giverEdit

Daedalus in Training Hall in Glenfort Village


According to legend, Lord Helion created the Glennmire artifacts so he could use his dark magic to rule over Glenfort, perhaps even the world. I don't know how the Rath'een came to possess the Glenmire Compass, but now you're going to find out. Confront Lord Helion and use all the skills you've learned up until now to defeat him and save these lands from his dark presence once more!


Defeat Lord Helion: 0/1


XP: 3729

Silver: 2250

Upon completionEdit

The day is won, <NAME>, but there are darker forces at work. I feared many possibilites, and this most of all - that our battle against these horrors is not yet finished, and Lord Helion was merely a pawn. Stonehelm will be your next destination, but for now Glenfort still requires your help! When the time has come for you to leave this valley, I will summon you. Congratulations, hero - you have truly earned your title this day!

Leads toEdit

Alador the Elven Mage from Alador's Study in Glenfort Village