Oh, <NAME>! Thank the realm you're here! There's been a terrible accident! I was flying Brimstone over the Urgresh Mountains, you see, and I accidentally dropped my Dragon Knight application form! I tried to get the pages back, but that border region is perilous and I'm not interested in that whole "danger" mess. Can you help get those pages back for me?


Collect 10 Knight Application Pages in the Borderlands within the Urgresh Mountains: 0/10


XP: 7326

Silver: 2700


Knight Application Pages only drop from Goblin Expert Thieves

On completionEdit

You found them all! You are a true savior of potential dwarven Dragon Knights! Now all I must do is submit this application to the appropriate authorities, and in three to five moths I'll have a response. This is history in the making, <NAME>, and it's all thanks to you!

Leads toEdit

Trial by Fire