The fact there are Rath'een in the Frozen Vale is very suspicious, <NAME>. I'm beginning to wonder if they may be behind this mess. After all, their entire race has been thrown into disarray after you destroyed Lord Helion. Let's travel back to the Icy Wastes and see if we can't find a few Rath'een that know what's going on.


Slay 7 Rath'een Frostmages in the Icy Wastes within the Frozen Vale: 0/7


XP: 7326

Silver: 2700

Upon completionEdit

A few scraps on paper in the Rath'een language is all we could find, but it's more than enough to implicate them. This piece of paper here has the first line of a summoning spell written on it - I believe those Rath'een Frostmages may have been trying to summon... well, I'm not sure what, yet. But we'll find out!

Leads toEdit

The Dig