Quest giverEdit

Alador in Dragonmoor


That fool Eddas was supposed to meet me here in the village, but he never arrived! I have no idea why he wouldn't come, but we must get to the bottom of this. Ask some of the locqals if they know of his whereabouts. If anyone knows where an eccentric elven mage would be hiding, it's them.

Description on finishEdit

Interesting. So Eddas is hiding out in that old wizard's keep to the east? The locals seem convinced he was afraid of some great evil... perhaps he knew we were bringing him these evil artifacts? This does not bode well for us, <NAME>.


Question the fisherman in the Fishing Hut: 0/1

Ask around at the Village Pier: 0/1

Talk with the villagers on Dragonmoor Beach: 0/1


XP: 1130

Silver : 750

Leads toEdit

Burning Bridges from Alador in Dragonmoor