I've just gotten word from the local baron, Lord Vander, that the bandits outside of town are stepping up their attacks on his farmers. I wager if his taxes weren't so outrageous the bandit problem here in Glenfort wouldn't exist. Regardless, we cannot abide by lawlessness in our lands, and Lord Vander will not accept insubordination. Those bandits all carry lucky coins - if you can bring them back as proof, I believe Lord Vander will be satisfied the problem has been dealt with.


Collect 5 bandit coins in the Fallow Fields: 0/5


XP: 140

Silver: 400

Upon completionEdit

Those bandits will be back, I'm sure, but you've scared them off for now. It's time to turn our attention to rebuilding the village. Remember, <NAME>, a hero's job is not always to fight. Now, the people of Glenfort need your help to rebuild.

Leads toEdit

Lumberjack Thieves

Skar's Revenge I

New Tricks