So, how's the training coming along? Did Daedalus tell you about feats of heroism, yet? Well, that's why I asked you to come here. Feats are special goals that only adventurers like you can complete. Complete a feat to earn Hero Tokens you can use for training to improve your combat prowess! Complete the "Bandit Killer" feat for me as you're out and about running errands for Daedalus - very simple!


Complete the "Bandit Killer " feat: 0/1


XP: 200

Silver: 400

Acolyte Helm

Upon completionEdit

Excellent work, <NAME>! Remember,  you can view all your own feats in the Character Menu at any time, and you can see your friends' feats right here in my Inn by looking at the Leaderboard.

Accepting this quest leads toEdit

Field Patrol

Leads toEdit

Nothing, at level 8