Quest giverEdit

Colette in Mighty Duck Inn in Glenfort Village


Well, as I suppose is to be expected, those goblins in the Urgresh border aren't too pleased that you stopped them from stealing my goods. Now their finest thieves are breaking into my caravans left and right with their enchanted lock-picks. Slay them and take their lock-picks, as I've got plenty of uses for them myself.


Collect 5 Goblin Lock-Picks from the Urgresh Borderlands: 0/5


XP: 4686

Silver: 2400

Upon completionEdit

These lock-picks are enchanted! Interesting, though I suppose it explains how they were able to so easily steal my shipments. I will look into reproducing their effects - this could be very helpful down the line. Thanks for your help, <NAME>!

Leads toEdit

Soothsayer from Colette in Mighty Duck Inn in Glenfort Village