Quest giver: "Strange Grotto" in Glenfort PlainsEdit


The door is locked and requires a key to open. Above the door, however, ancient carvings spell out a strange riddle: "Seekest thou the shards of five, an end you will not find. Hunt feral hounds in Glenfort's grounds, this door shall then unbind."


Use the treasure map to find the ancient door: 0/1

Solve the riddle to learn where the door key is located: 0/1 Help


XP: 360

Silver: 750

Upon completionEdit

The key that you found fits perfectly into the lock and opens the door, revealing a passageway leading deeper underground. A haunting moan can be heard from within - you had best prepare yourself for a fight!

Leads toEdit

Access to "Unlocked Grotto" in Glenfort Plains which drops Plains Shard of Ironhaven, required for The Shards of Ironhaven


The mob to kill is called "Feral wolf" and spawns in The Fallow Fields (Glenfort Plains)