Reach level 16

Quest giverEdit

Colette in Glenfort Village


As you know, I import a lot of items from outside our borders, but I've had a string of bad luck of late. My shipments from Stonhelm are being intercepted by grave robbers in Nithus, and items I import from the east are stolen by guards on the goblin border in the Urgresh Mountains. If you could thin their numbers considerably, I would be most appreciative.

Upon completionEdit

Before you even arrived, I recieved my first shipment in days. Thank you for taking care of that riff-raff, <NAME> - it's hard enough to run a business without those goons stealing my things!


Slay 3 Grave Robbers in the Shallows within Lake Nithus: 0/3

Slay 8 Goblin Border Guards in the Urgresh Borderlands: 0/8


XP: 4686

Silver: 2400

Vengeance Breastplate

Leads toEdit

Expert Thievery from Colette