Silver SilverEdit

Silver is the main currency in Book of Heroes. You can gain it from killing monsters and completing quests. It can be spent on (low level) equipment, gem slots, gems, healing, health potions, runes, simple crafting recipes, certain crafting materials and an occasional quest item.

It is possible to buy Silver for real world money.

Gold Shields GSEdit

Gold Shields are the premium currency in Book of Heroes. They are gained through purchase, referring friends, a (very) small number of quests and signing up for special offers or other promotional items.

Gold Shields can also be obtained randomly through "Gambling" in Majerio's Shop by buying a Alchemist's Lockbox for 5,000 Silver.

Nearly everything you can buy with Silver , you can buy with Gold Shields as well. Additionally, equipment bought with Gold Shields has no level restriction, as oppposed to equipment bought with Silver. Other things which can be bought with Gold Shields include Elixirs, energy potions, high-end crafting materials, high-end crafting recipes, Hero Tokensbundles and Sigils.

Hero Tokens HTEdit

Hero Tokens are used in Training to increase your hero's stats. They are gained mainly in two ways: Daily Bounties and Raids. However, it is possible to buy them from Majerio's Shop for Gold Shields, even though this is not a good idea as the returns are quiet low.

Respec Tokens RTEdit

Prior to the release of game version 2.1 Respec Tokens were used to reset all your spent ability points and reallocate them. You got 3 Respec Tokens in the beginning from the quest XXX. If you needed more tokens, they could be bought from Majerio's Shop for 5 Gold Shields.

With the release of version 2.1 Respec Tokens have been removed from the game in order to encourage people expirimenting with their builds by giving them unlimited free respecs. All Respec Tokens, which have been already bought or obtained have been refunded 5 Gold Shields.


Valor is divided into 5 different kinds. From low to high they are:

They are obtained from Raids. They can be traded for equipment, Gems and Sigils. Also, it is possible to exchange 20 Valor to 1 Valor of a higher level.

Valor can also be obtained randomly through "Gambling" in Majerio's Shop by buying a Alchemist's Lockbox for 5,000 Silver.

Gem ShardsEdit

Gem Shards drop from certain high level dungeon bosses, except if a full Gem of according color and tier drops. They can be tier 3, 4 of 5. If you have 100 Gem Shards of a particular color and tier, you can exchange them in Majerio's Shop for a random Gem of that color and tier.

Tier 3 Gem ShardsEdit

Tier 4 Gem ShardsEdit

Tier 5 Gem Shards Edit

Marks Marks Edit

Marks are the main Player vs Player (PvP) currency in Book of Heroes. They can be obtained by fighting PvP Matches and completing PvP Daily Bounties. Marks can be spent in the PvP-shop on PvP-gear, gems, recipes and the Alchemist's Lockbox.

Medals MedalsEdit

Medals are another Player vs Player (PvP) currency. They are obtained by completing PvP Weekly Bounties. They can be spent only on Prestige Gear.