The prestigous Justicar of Roheim are an order of warriors devoted to the god of light. Imbued with spiritual energy, they are ideally suited to combating the forces of darkness.

Colette was a Justicar.

Shadow WalkerEdit

Shadow Walkers are fleet-footed rogues that specialize in swift strikes and evading enemy attacks. Their vast array of infiltration tools allows them to easily slow, stun, and confuse enemies.

Daedalus was a Shadow Walker

War MageEdit

The War Mages of Elstid are devoted to using the powers of the elements to bring order from chaos. Using both ice and fire, they can lay waste to foes large and small in short order.


Pseudoclass used in the tutorial before you choose your combat class.

Frost Knight Edit

Frost Knights use dual wielding, and when combined with brutal melee attacks to make their targets bleed, dealing high damage fast. Frost knight also use frost magic to slow and freeze their opponents.

Frost Knights are capable of wearing Mail (heavy armor), dual wielding, and using a light shield with a one handed weapon.

Flame Warden Edit

Flame Wardens use a mixture of devastating fire magic, melee attacks and dodges to deal high damage and setting enemies on fire to deal damage over time.

Flame Wardens are capable of using Leather (medium armor), two handed weapons, and a light shield with a one handed weapon.

Inquisitor Edit

Inquisitors use a combination nature and spirit magic dealing damage over time, as well as using blocks to unbalance and counter enemies.

Inquisitors are capable of using Cloth (light armor), heavy and light shields with a one handed weapon, and two handed weapons.