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The only way we're going to stop those Rath'een from entering our village is to bring their tunnels right down over their heads. Majerio can make us an explosive, but he needs some spider silk from the Fallow Fields in the Glenfort Plains to make the fuse. Go see him in his shop when you've found the silk and he'll tell you what to do next.


Collect 1 sample of Spider Silk: 0/1


XP: 140

Silver: 300

Zones Edit

Glenfort River

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Upon completionEdit

You've arrived just in time, my friend. Daedalus wants you to go right back to the Training Hall - he says it's an emergency! Give me the silk, I'll get right to mixing that explosive powder for you. As soon as it's done, I'll deliver it to the Training Hall.

Leads toEdit

Rath'een Invasion III