Quest giver: Alador in DragonmoorEdit


The spell on that door is one of the most powerful I've ever seen, but that won't stop me! I can already feel Helion's evil energy seeping out of those stones - it's only a matter of time before it takes hold of one of us and our minds are corrupted. No, I will not let that happen! Take this list - it's a series of alchemy ingredients I need to create a counter-spell. Find them, and hurry back as soon as you can.

Description on finishEdit

So, you've found them all? Good, good. This is perfect - now we'll be able to clear away that magical spell guarding the door. The village leader has summoned me for a brief meeting on the pier, but once I am finished there, we can journey back to the door and finally enter Eddas' keep.


Find 6 samples of Red Feverfew along the Shores of the Realm: 0/6

Find 5 Celandine Leaves in the Cliffside Forest: 0/5

Find 5 Onyx Ore Flakes in Dragonmoor Canyon: 0/5

Find 1 piece of Callus Root near Rowan's Camp: 0/1


XP: 4260

Silver: 2400

Leads toEdit

Rowan says that Alador is lying to you and asks you not to accept more quests from him.

Two quests now open, choosing one will block the other:

Talking to Alador leads to Stabbed in the Back

Talking to Rowan leads to Rowan the Hero