Quest giverEdit

Majerio in Glenfort Village


Excellent! This next set of tasks is perfectly suited to one of your, ah... martial disposition. For these potions I will need you to collect some ingredients. You can find Mountain Lichen in the Urgresh Mountains - the goblins there collect it for their own foul concoctions. As for Undead Ichor, I suggest checking Colette's kitchen. Ha! Ha, yes, just a little joke. Try Lake Nithus! It is rather rife with undead these days. And don't tell here I said that.


Collect 3 Mountain Lichen: 0/3

Collect 10 Undead Ichor: 0/10


XP: 2840

Silver: 1600

Upon completionEdit

I think this covers everything, <NAME>! Now all we need to do is prepare the concoction! And by we, I mean you, since I've just gotten another rush order that I must attend to. Perhaps you'd be willing to help me one more time?

Leads toEdit

Majerio's Decoction from Majerio in Glenfort Village